When the helper needs help

♡♡♡May your whole life prove that God is good♡♡♡

I have always been someone who would encourage friends when they went through tough moments in their lives.

I feel fulfilled when I am able to help people. Some people would call me when they are in need of advice because they thought I had a wise answer to give them. In different occasions I saw friends and relatives grieving, losing a loved one is so difficult.

I’d try my best to comfort them and make sure they knew I was there for them and I cared! When I lost a loved one unexpectedly I broke down. I received the news few days before my exams and I felt so powerless. I did not want to do anything . I would just cry everyday but my friends were there comforting me… I realised that we all need help. ‘ Here I was… the helper needed help ‘. People told me to be strong but what does that mean ? Not crying? Smiling? And that is what I did in front of people! I pretended to be ok…after all I am ‘strong’… but deep down I was sad. Whenever I was alone I’d cry. I literally studied for my exams crying.

I would ask God “why is this happening to me now? How will I move on? How will I manage to study for my exams? ” and I couldn’t be mad at God because I had the assurance that He loved me and His Presence was so real. I was carried in everlasting arms and I knew God would never leave me nor forsake me.

The pain isn’t gone… sometimes I cry but I know God is with me and for me. The Holy Spirit comforts me…when people can’t understand you be sure that God does, he cares for you and he loves you.

“How precious is your steadfast love, O God! The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 36:7

God is taking me through this journey! It doesn’t matter what you are going through ..God loves us and He is our refuge.

God bless you